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A picture is worth a 1000 words – Napoleon Bonaparte

Below outlines a few pregnancy questions most of us think about

  1. Do you want to see what your mummy saw the first time she discovered she was pregnant with you?
  2. Or, do you want to take a home pregnancy test and you want to see the results in advance?
  3. Or, you’re just curious and want to learn?

This post will share positive pregnancy test pictures taken by pregnant women who wanted to share their happiness with you. The pictures are of three different and most common home pregnancy test brands: Ept, Clearblue, and First Response home pregnancy tests.

In order to come up with these positive pregnancy test pictures, various instructions and steps were followed carefully. First, the woman removed the pregnancy test carefully from the wrapper. She then removed the cap enclosing the absorbent tip and held the test by thumb grip ensuring the absorbent tip was facing downwards. She then placed the absorbent tip in her urine stream for 5 seconds.

Alternatively, she could have collected the urine in a clean bowl and inserted the absorbent tip for 20 seconds (Clearblue test is only 5 seconds). She then placed the pregnancy test on a flat surface and observed time using a stopwatch. After exactly 3 or 5 minutes (depending on the brand used), she checked the results. She recorded the positive pregnancy test pictures using a digital camera. She then uploaded them for you to see and share the good news with you.

Ept Positive pregnancy test pictures

An analog (on the left) and digital (on the right) ept positive pregnancy test picture. An analog test shows a positive pregnancy test by displaying a + (plus) sign. A digital test shows a positive pregnancy by displaying “pregnant” phrase on the display window.


ept positive pregnancy test pictures Ept Positive pregnancy test pictures

Clearblue positive pregnancy test picture

Clearblue home pregnancy tests come in two types: analog and digital. The digital uses a phrase whereas the analog shows signs. In a positive pregnancy test, the digital Clearblue test (on the left) shows “Pregnant”. A Clearblue analog test (on the right) displays a plus sign (+)

positive pregnancy test pictures 3clearblue positive pregnancy pictures


 First Response positive pregnancy test picture

A First response positive pregnancy test has two pink lines. In the display window (of the image on the right), you notice one line is darker than the other. It does not count whether the line is darker or lighter to be a positive provided the two lines are present.

positive pregnancy test pictures 5 first response positive pregnancy test pictures

Horace once said that a picture is a poem without words. I hope you’ve enjoyed this pregnancy poem beyond words. I hope the message has stuck in your brain. If you are about to take a home pregnancy test, you now know what to expect, and of course if you have successfully conceived. If you just came here to see what your mum saw those many years ago, you have the answers. Learn to respect and cherish her. You would not be who you’re today were it, not for her. That first decision to keep you came after she was these positive pregnancy test pictures.

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