Why did I get a faint positive pregnancy test then a negative?

The weather was sunny. We sat on the sandy beach relaxing after a long week. Every one of us had a glass of mango juice. We wore sexy bikinis as we enjoyed the sun. From a distance, you may have thought we were hired models advertising either mango juice or bikinis. “Is it possible to […]

9 Reasons for Faint Positive Pregnancy Test

These days, taking a home pregnancy test is as easy as drinking water. It’s simple, just saturating the absorbent tip of the pregnancy test with urine, and then waiting to see two pink lines. So, what if you see a faint line? You start panicking, right? “Am I pregnant?” you sit and ask. A faint […]

False Positive Pregnancy Test: These 5 Reasons

“How can a false positive pregnancy happen?” I asked myself after a heated conversation with my friends. I was in disbelief especially because I had read an article stating that home pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate. I was sure that depending on the type or the brand of the pregnancy test; you either get […]

Why do I feel pregnant when I am not?

Do you want to know why you’ve pregnancy symptoms but negative test? In this post, I’ll give you 6 reasons to explain why you’ve pregnancy symptoms but negative test. I will clear the air and prove to you there is nothing wrong with your body. Most women get anxious and depressed when they have pregnancy […]

Why do I have a negative pregnancy test but have pregnancy symptoms?

A pregnancy test is one of the most reliable methods to confirm if you are pregnant or not. Usually, a woman starts imagining that she could be pregnant when the period does not arrive when it was expected. In addition to this, she also experiences a higher sensitivity in her breasts, headaches, cramps, nausea, etc. After […]

First Response Pregnancy Test False Positive: Top 5 Reasons

Let’s take three different women: the first one has been trying so hard to get pregnant; the second one has missed a period and is eager to find out why; and the third one has been trying so hard not to get pregnant. What do they have in common? They need answers and at one […]

3 Simple Reasons Why Some Women Get Negative Pregnancy Test but No Period

Some women get negative pregnancy test but no period and get lots of tensions and anxieties.Why? It’s because they are in the dark and haven’t known the simple reasons for a negative pregnancy test but no period. By the end of this simple lesson, you’ll have known the simple reasons for having a negative pregnancy […]

Positive Pregnancy Test after Miscarriage

Miscarriages do happen. They are depressing, and some of us who follow the religion may tend to ask God what is it that they did wrong to deserve such a misfortune. It is not easy for an expectant woman to believe that the pregnancy is gone forever. Even after the doctor has confirmed the miscarriage, […]

No Period Negative Pregnancy Test: I’ll Give You 3 Possibilities

All I need from you is 3 minutes, and I’ll give you 3 possibilities for no period negative pregnancy test. It’s very disturbing for a woman to have no period negative pregnancy test when she was eagerly waiting to get a result that she is pregnant. I’ll make sure to do my best to solve […]

Why do I have a late period but show a negative pregnancy test?

One evening after a yoga class, I joined some lady friends for a chat and a cup of coffee. As we enjoyed our coffee, Jennifer, not her real name, was unhappy. She looked disturbed. I asked her, “What’s wrong sweetheart?” At first, she felt uneasy but after some encouragements, she finally broke the news. “Yesterday […]