Clearblue Positive Pregnancy Test: Tips to Get it Right

A day after missing your period, you enter a pharmacy and purchase a Clearblue pregnancy test. You have waited for so long to get pregnant. Now is the time to know if you were successful. All you want is to get a Clearblue positive pregnancy test.

It is said that Clearblue positive pregnancy test can detect pregnancy four days before your missed period. I would not follow this saying. Instead, wait until the day after you miss your period. This is the first tip to getting a 99% accurate result.

Whether you choose the non-digital or the digital Clearblue pregnancy test, the secret tip is to follow the instruction of the wrapper carefully.
When using a non-digital Clearblue pregnancy test, please do not open the wrapper until you are sure you will do a pregnancy test. It is best to do the test using the first morning urine. The hCG hormone levels are concentrated in the urine at this time. If you do the test at the middle of the day, you may not get the best results because the urine is diluted. However, this is not a medical fact.

Once you are sure you will do the test, take the strip and hold it with the absorbent tip facing downward. You may choose to saturate the absorbent tip with the urine stream or you can collect the urine in a bowl first and then insert the absorbent tip. Whichever method you choose, ensure you saturate the absorbent tip for five seconds only. Then, place the test on a relatively flat surface, don’t disturb it, and chill for the results to appear. The first thing you see almost immediately is a test line- it’s proof that the test is working. Get a new test if you don’t see the test line immediately.

Take a stopwatch and after exactly 3 minutes, check the results. If you see two lines, congratulations, it’s a Clearblue positive pregnancy test.
If you choose the digital Clearblue pregnancy test, the time instructions change. The mode of reading the results changes too. Let me save you the trouble of reading the entire instructions. I will give you more tips on using the digital test. Saturate the absorbent tip for 5 seconds when using a urine stream. If you collect the urine in a bowl, saturate the absorbent tip for 20 seconds. The procedure is the same for holding the absorbent strip. Instead of a test line, you will see an hourglass this time. If you see the phrase “Pregnant”, it’s a Clearblue positive pregnancy test.

You will get a false positive in very rare times using the Clearblue pregnancy test. In case you do, contact your doctor as soon as possible. Chances are you have an ectopic pregnancy which usually does not survive.

It is easier to read the results of a digital test than those of the non-digital test. Whichever you choose, ensure you follow the instructions. I recommend you do not look at the test 10 minutes after taking reading the initial results.

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