First Response Pregnancy Test False Positive: Top 5 Reasons

Let’s take three different women: the first one has been trying so hard to get pregnant; the second one has missed a period and is eager to find out why; and the third one has been trying so hard not to get pregnant. What do they have in common? They need answers and at one time or another they will get a First Response pregnancy test.

The First Response pregnancy test detects pregnancy in the presence of hCG. One thing for sure is if the hCG is present in a woman’s urine, she is pregnant. This test is very accurate. However, it is vulnerable to give a First Response pregnancy test false positive though the chances are very low. Let’s see why the rare cases happen…

1. Lack of proper testing

If your mum didn’t show you the proper way to use a potty, you wouldn’t know how to use the toilet bowl today. The same is true for the First Response pregnancy test. If you don’t follow the boldly written instructions, you will not have a clue of how the test is done, how to read the results, and after what time. It’s obvious you’ll get improper results- which may be a false positive.

2. The presence of an evaporation line on a pregnancy test

Remember what we just said? Instructions are the key to getting everything correct. When the time to get a valid result elapses, the urine on the pregnancy test evaporates forming a line called the evaporation line. Like any other pregnancy tests, the First Response home pregnancy test has an evaporation line. This line is colorless and looks like a shadow. If you do not check the results at the exact specified time, the urine will start evaporating, and it will form an evaporation line. If by the grace of the Almighty you remember you forgot to keep time, please know you have a false pregnancy positive. You can retest again the following morning.

3. Continued use of selected medications

If your doctor prescribes some certain medications, for example, phenothiazine continuously to treat fertility issues or luteal phase defect, you may get a First Response pregnancy test false positive. If you want to take a pregnancy test under such conditions, ask your doctor for advice. These medications make the body produce hCG even when you’re not pregnant.

4. Suffering from certain medical conditions

If you suffer from certain medical conditions like chorion carcinoma and other types of cancer, your body produces hCG. First Response pregnancy test relies on hCG levels and thus it will show positive in the presence of hCG hormone. The medical conditions will cause a false positive pregnancy test in absence of pregnancy.

5. Purchase and use of defective pregnancy tests

The First Response pregnancy test may be defective. Definitely, it will show a first response pregnancy test false positive if used to detect pregnancy.

The next time you buy a First Response pregnancy test because you are anxious to get answers on why you missed a period, for example, it is good to remember that it may give a first response pregnancy test false positive if used improperly, or under the above reasons we’ve discussed above.

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