What are 12 Reasons for Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test

Welcome again to ninemonthsdue.com We have received several questions as to why a woman can have a missed periods and negative pregnancy test like am I pregnant? could i be pregnant? Of course pregnancy is the first things we about when our period is missed especially if you engage in sexual activities. However there are other reason why you may have a late period. Pregnancy is not the only reason for people to have a late period negative pregnancy test. Here are the 12 most common reasons why you have missed your period

1) Stress

Stress can affect many functions of women bodies inclusive of a woman period. Doctors indicate that boosted levels of stress hormones such as cortisol can inhibit the body’s menstrual cycle. This cortisol causes Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GNRH) to be subsequently suppressing ovulation. Sometimes women can be so stressed out that the body can release where the period stop all together. It is advised that you should work with your doctor can assist you to get back on track with your menstrual cycle.

2) Illness

A short or long illness can cause your period to be delayed. For instance if you get a bad case of the flu or a stomach bug you might skip a period for a month. You can also skip periods due to irritable bowel movement and though this is usually temporary you should still consult your doctor in order to regulate your cycle.

3) Change in schedule.

Changing schedules can throw off the natural rhythm of the body. This is particularly true for women who work shift. Did you also know that many women travelers also find their menstral cycle altered or even stopped when they are on the road?

4) Medications

Although it may not be conclusive many medications can affect the menstrual cycle. The following medications may affect your period a) Antidepressants b) blood pressure pills and even c) antibiotics Be sure to consult your doctor about the side effects of any medication on your period.

5) Overweight

Carrying around too much weight can affect your menstrual cycle or even stop them. If over or under weight a woman should consult her doctor to determine the cause of irregular period. 6) Underweight On the flip side underweight can also affect your menstrual cycle. A woman’s period all together can stop all together as a result of being underweight . This is also know as manorial. Women with fewer fat on their body may have fewer periods or go longer without ovulating. If under weight a woman should consult her doctor to determine the cause underweight issue and irregular period

7) Miscalculation

The menstrual cycle varies in different women. While it is scientifically common that the menstrual cycle is 28 days that is not true for every woman. Some women can have cycles as early as 21 days whereas some women miscalculate their period dates.

8) Peri menopause

This is where a woman is in the transition from her reproductive to here non reproductive years. The regular flow of the period can be disrupted.

9) Menopause

This is where you have reached the point in your life where you will no longer menstruate or ovulate. Menopause is one of natures natural events.

10) Thyroid Glands

The thyroid is a gland that sits in our neck that helps regulate the body functions by producing hormones. It is common that the missed period can be caused by the imbalance of thyroid in the body. Also worth mentioning is tuberculosis and diabetes can cause you to miss a period here and there.

11) Excessive exercise

Excessive exercise can cause irregular period. You may miss your period completely or just have symptoms such as spotting or even painful menstruation. Women who come into these type of  exercise  may come into these types of problems but it can be the cause of stress or abnormal bleeding. This is simply because the with long periods of exercise the body needs more energy and so while the body is producing this needed energy it ignores some of the other functions such as menstrual cycle. This is not a dangerous situation but it may be advisable to reduce the amount of exercise. If its a problem you should speak to your doctor to determine if its possible to continue with your current program. It can take several months before the menstrual cycle returns to normal even after stopping excessive exercise completely.

12) You Are Pregnant

And finally a missed period might mean that you’re pregnant. A home pregnancy test can help you find out  if you are pregnant. Home pregnancy test on the market are getting better and more accurate and are 97-98% accurate. If  the pregnancy test shows positive you should contact your doctor to make a prenatal appointment. If you have taken a home pregnancy test and its negative most instructions highlight to to wait a week before taking a follow up test. If the second pregnancy test is negative or if you have an idea as to why your  period is late then you should call the doctor sooner for a physical examination. A doctor may recommend a blood test to confirm pregnancy or may  prescribe medication to help  bring on a period that if it has been determined that you are not pregnant.

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