What are reasons for a negative pregnancy test with a late period?

Negative pregnancy test late period happens, and it’s a fact we’ve come to accept with time. In the past, women asked why a negative pregnancy test late period happens and yet the manufacturers claimed the pregnancy tests worked 100% when used according to their recommendations. The pregnancy test manufacturers are right. It’s the women who fail to avoid simple things that will enable them not to get negative pregnancy test late period results. In this post, I’ll discuss things you should avoid and not get negative pregnancy test late period result.

5 Things to Avoid and Not Get Negative Pregnancy Test Late Period

1) Avoid Miscalculating Your Menstrual Period Dates

This is the biggest cause for getting negative pregnancy test late period. It happens because most women have irregular menstrual periods which make it difficult to track the dates. Take an example. You expected to ovulate on 20th, and you ovulated on 22nd. It means your ovulation happened 2 days later. If you don’t consider the 2-day delay when taking a pregnancy test, you’ll get negative pregnancy test late period. Tip: Use the menstrual period calendar available for free here to calculate the exact menstrual period dates.

2) Avoid Using Expired Pregnancy Tests

An expired pregnancy test will give you false results. At this point, you have a late period and what you’re expecting is a confirmation you’re pregnant. Use a working and up-to-date pregnancy test when taking a pregnancy test. It’s good you know a faulty pregnancy test can’t give you true results. Tip: Always check for a pregnancy test expiry date before purchasing and using it.

3) Avoid Using Dilute Urine in a Pregnancy Test

I you don’t want a negative pregnancy test late period avoid using dilute urine in your pregnancy test. It’s because it has the lowest concentration of hCG hormones. If the pregnancy test is calibrated to show you’re pregnant at 20mIU/ml hCG and the dilute urine has 18mIU/ml hCG, then you’ll get a negative pregnancy test, and you’ve a late period. Tip: Use the first morning urine to do a pregnancy test.

4) Avoid Taking the Pregnancy Test Too Early

As you know, pregnancy tests show whether you’re pregnant or not by detecting hCG in your urine. After successful implantation of the embryo, the placenta begins secreting hCG in small amounts. It takes about 6-10 weeks for the hormones to double in number. If you’re taking a pregnancy test too early, chances are the pregnancy test will not detect any hCG in your urine. Tip: Wait for the pregnancy to develop for 3 weeks and then take a pregnancy test. The hCG hormones in your urine will have increased to detectable levels.

5) Avoid Missing the Exact Reaction Time

Most pregnancy tests recommend that you wait for 3-5 minutes before checking the pregnancy test results. It’s very easy – and often happens – to forget to check the pregnancy test results at the right time. The 3-5 minutes may be short but may seem like days when taking a pregnancy test. The anxiety may hinder you from checking the pregnancy results after the exact recommended time. If you don’t want a negative pregnancy test late period, avoid missing the exact reaction time. Tip: Use a stopwatch/timer to observe exact reaction time. I hope the things to avoid and not get negative pregnancy test late period – along with the tips – will help you become a better woman and hopefully a mom in the future.

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