Why do I feel pregnant when I am not?

Do you want to know why you’ve pregnancy symptoms but negative test?

In this post, I’ll give you 6 reasons to explain why you’ve pregnancy symptoms but negative test. I will clear the air and prove to you there is nothing wrong with your body. Most women get anxious and depressed when they have pregnancy symptoms but negative test.

Let’s get started…

6 Reasons you’ve Pregnancy Symptoms but Negative Test

You’re pregnant

Pregnancy tests are very accurate when used correctly. However, it doesn’t mean that you are not pregnant when you do a pregnancy test and get negative results when the pregnancy symptoms are present. If you’ve the funny food cravings and swollen breasts among other symptoms, take a moment and relax. You’re pregnant. The reason you’ve pregnancy symptoms but negative test might be because of these other causes. Keep reading to find out.

You’re not following the pregnancy test recommended instructions

Failure to follow pregnancy test instructions will lead to false results. In this case, the false result is a negative test, and you’re pregnant. This is one test you should always observe the recommended instructions written on the pregnancy kit by the manufacturer.

Right now I would recommend you go buy another pregnancy test and repeat the pregnancy test this time following the recommended instructions.

You’re rushing to take the pregnancy test

You’re pregnant, but the pregnancy is still very young. When pregnancy is very young, the placenta secretes very low amounts of hCG.

Most pregnancy tests don’t have the ability to detect low levels of hCG hormones. The most sensitive pregnancy test is manufactured to confirm pregnancy at 20mIU/ml hCG. Thus, if your urine has 18mIU/ml of hCG, you’ll get a negative result, not because you’re not pregnancy but because the levels of hCG are very low.

You’re using dilute urine which has low hCG concentration

Dilute urine has very low concentration of hCG. Drinking a lot of water during the day dilutes the urine. The test urine may not have the highest amount of hCG hormones to show you’re pregnant.

You’re using a pregnancy test with low sensitivity

The pregnancy test you used, for example, was calibrated to show you’re pregnant at 100mIU/ml hCG. If the hCG in your body is at 78mIU/ml hCG, you’ll definitely get a negative test even when the pregnancy symptoms are present, and you’re, in fact, pregnant.

It’s advisable that you purchase a pregnancy test with the highest sensitivity for more accurate pregnancy test results.

You’re using an expired or defective pregnancy test

A faulty pregnancy test will not work just like a faulty home appliance. Additionally, if the pregnancy test is expired, you’ll get false results. In this case, the pregnancy symptoms are there but you’re getting a negative test.

When buying the pregnancy test next time, ensure you check for the expiry date. When you remove the pregnancy test from the wrapper and pass urine over the absorbent tip, ensure you check for the “Working” signal on the pregnancy test display window.

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