Healthy Pregnancy Month by Month

From the time a woman realizes that she is expecting a baby, both physical and emotional care becomes necessary. It becomes indispensable  for her to follow certain recommendations to be able to have a healthy pregnancy and thus guarantee her own and her child’s health.

Factors for a Healthy Pregnancy Month by Month

Some factors that have an impact on a healthy month by month pregnancy are, for example, care with eating.  Although a majority of people say you have to “eat for two”, what is true is that you have to eat as you become two; you must avoid eating in excess. You must exercise regularly. This will help you have the strength and resistance to be able to support the weight gained in the pregnancy; improving your circulation and avoiding back pain. During the first and last trimester, the mother may experience a great deal of fatigue. This is why you must rest and find all the repose that you can. Take a nap, leave you work alone a moment and sit down and lift your legs up. We also recommend trying to limit caffeine consumption; which makes no nutritional contribution and complicates iron absorption. This mineral is important for your pregnancy, whilst caffeine is a stimulant that may interfere with your sleep and rest. During your pregnancy it is necessary to take vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. This will ensure that you will be able to provide the necessary nutrients to your body and that of your baby.

12 Month Pregnancy

Medical care before conceiving the baby is primordial. Prenatal care begins as soon as a couple decides to interrupt contraceptive use to begin gestation. Therefore the specialists speak of the concept of a “12 months of pregnancy”, because in addition to to the nine months due, they recommend initiating a daily dose of multivitamins 3 months before conception.  Nine Months Due

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