Pictures of Positive Pregnancy Tests

A pregnancy is a blessing. You cannot hide it. Why? It’s because it’s strategically positioned to be seen by everyone.
And, a picture speaks more than words. I hope I paraphrased the saying right, and you have understood the message. Pictures remain implanted in our brains for long periods. That’s why you can recall what your high school teacher looks like years after completing high school.

Most of the times, we just see the belly of a woman bulging as the pregnancy grows. Not all of us are lucky to see what she saw first when she found out she was pregnant. But today, you’ll see the pictures of positive pregnancy tests that women see after exactly 3 or 5 minutes after doing a home pregnancy test. Sounds weird, right?

There are different home pregnancy test brands available in the market. They have different sensitivities. They have one thing in common though- they test pregnancies by detecting hCG in the woman’s urine. Various women have different tastes and incomes. Thus, they choose home pregnancy test brands that match their needs.

In this post, you’ll see pictures of positive pregnancy tests from the Ept, Clearblue, and First Response home pregnancy tests. Whether you are just curious and want to know what your mum saw the first she knew she was pregnant with you, or you want to take a home pregnancy test, and you want to be sure of what you’ll see in the results, enjoy the show!

Wait! I almost forgot an important point. The perfect pictures of positive pregnancy tests you’re about to see didn’t come easy. The women who facilitated the show you’re about to see first conceived successfully, and then followed very important instructions recommended by the pregnancy test manufacturers. They did not just saturate the tip of the absorbent test with urine. They ensured that the home pregnancy tests were not expired. They placed the pregnancy tests on a flat surface and took the perfect picture for all to see.

Pictures of Ept Positive pregnancy test

An analog (on the left) and digital (on the right) ept positive pregnancy test picture. An analog test shows a positive pregnancy test by displaying a + (plus) sign. A digital test shows a positive pregnancy by displaying “pregnant” phrase on the display window.

Pictures of Clearblue positive pregnancy test

Clearblue home pregnancy tests come in two types: analog and digital. The digital uses a phrase whereas the analog shows signs. In a positive pregnancy test, the digital Clearblue test (on the left) shows “Pregnant”. A Clearblue analog test (on the right) displays a plus sign (+)

Pictures of First Response positive pregnancy test

A First response positive pregnancy test has two pink lines. In the display window (of the image on the right), you notice one line is darker than the other. It does not count whether the line is darker or lighter to be a positive provided the two lines are present.

I hope the next time a person asks you to describe the pictures of positive pregnancy tests, you’ll do so with ease.

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