What should I do if someone touches my pregnant belly?

Everyone wants to touch the baby, especially during the pregnancy but no one ever asks.  If you haven’t noticed yet, the minute you start to show a tummy everyone else will gladly show you.  The tummy becomes this magnet for hands and everyone wants to handle it. It doesn’t matter if you are walking around […]

Pregnancy Test False Positive: What Went Wrong?

It’s disheartening to find you got a pregnancy test false positive. You were so sure that you were pregnant. You had read convincing statistics that home pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate. What you have to do at this point is relax, and move on. If you have interacted with pregnant women or spent some […]

What to do after getting a positive pregnancy test?

You did it, and here you are a few days later feeling uneasy. You think of what might be wrong with your belly, but you cannot get an answer. “Huh! am i pregnant?” you sigh in disbelief. After some minutes of thinking, you decide to visit a pharmacy to get a pregnancy test kit. It is barely […]

What are reasons for a negative pregnancy test with a late period?

Negative pregnancy test late period happens, and it’s a fact we’ve come to accept with time. In the past, women asked why a negative pregnancy test late period happens and yet the manufacturers claimed the pregnancy tests worked 100% when used according to their recommendations. The pregnancy test manufacturers are right. It’s the women who […]

What are two early signs of pregnancy?

You may wonder what are the early signs of pregnancy and have even heard a family member describe their first signs of pregnancy. Thought the indicators may vary from woman to woman there are two main signs that are common in most women. If you thought that belly pop was one you may be wrong […]

What is a Pregnancy Test False Negative?

What Everybody Ought to Know About Pregnancy Test False Negative Everybody ought to know that pregnancy test false negative happens. You wonder why this is possible and yet you’ve been told time and again that home pregnancy tests are 100% accurate. It’s is true that pregnancy tests are 100% accurate, and I don’t dispute. However, […]

What are 4 Reasons for Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test?

Have you taken a pregnancy test after a late period and still got a late period negative pregnancy test? If your answer is “YES”, these are some of the questions you may be asking. Is there a chance I’m pregnant? If yes, why do I have a late period? If not, why do I have […]

What can cause a false negative pregnancy test?

You’re probably wondering why you are getting false pregnancy tests, and you have all the symptoms of a pregnant woman. Your breasts are swollen, and you’ve funny food cravings. You’re sure that you’re pregnant. You walk into a chemist or a supermarket and buy a pregnancy test. Immediately you reach home, you take the first […]

Positive Pregnancy Test Now What?

Positive pregnancy test now what? is probably the hardest question you will ever ask yourself in the entire life. This comes after taking the urine pregnancy test and finding out that you are indeed pregnant. This is an exciting moment for some people who had planned or expected pregnancy. In contrast, it is a dreadful […]