What should I do if someone touches my pregnant belly?

Everyone wants to touch the baby, especially during the pregnancy but no one ever asks.  If you haven’t noticed yet, the minute you start to show a tummy everyone else will gladly show you.  The tummy becomes this magnet for hands and everyone wants to handle it. It doesn’t matter if you are walking around […]

Why did I get a faint positive pregnancy test then a negative?

The weather was sunny. We sat on the sandy beach relaxing after a long week. Every one of us had a glass of mango juice. We wore sexy bikinis as we enjoyed the sun. From a distance, you may have thought we were hired models advertising either mango juice or bikinis. “Is it possible to […]

Pregnancy Test False Positive: What Went Wrong?

It’s disheartening to find you got a pregnancy test false positive. You were so sure that you were pregnant. You had read convincing statistics that home pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate. What you have to do at this point is relax, and move on. If you have interacted with pregnant women or spent some […]

What to do after getting a positive pregnancy test?

You did it, and here you are a few days later feeling uneasy. You think of what might be wrong with your belly, but you cannot get an answer. “Huh! am i pregnant?” you sigh in disbelief. After some minutes of thinking, you decide to visit a pharmacy to get a pregnancy test kit. It is barely […]

9 Reasons for Faint Positive Pregnancy Test

These days, taking a home pregnancy test is as easy as drinking water. It’s simple, just saturating the absorbent tip of the pregnancy test with urine, and then waiting to see two pink lines. So, what if you see a faint line? You start panicking, right? “Am I pregnant?” you sit and ask. A faint […]

False Positive Pregnancy Test: These 5 Reasons

“How can a false positive pregnancy happen?” I asked myself after a heated conversation with my friends. I was in disbelief especially because I had read an article stating that home pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate. I was sure that depending on the type or the brand of the pregnancy test; you either get […]

How Not to Get a Pregnancy Test Negative

I think getting a pregnancy test negative is the worst thing that can happen to a woman who is expecting to be pregnant. A pregnancy test negative does not necessarily mean you’re not pregnant. There’s a chance that you’re pregnant only that there are some things you didn’t follow or observe when doing the pregnancy […]

What are reasons for a negative pregnancy test with a late period?

Negative pregnancy test late period happens, and it’s a fact we’ve come to accept with time. In the past, women asked why a negative pregnancy test late period happens and yet the manufacturers claimed the pregnancy tests worked 100% when used according to their recommendations. The pregnancy test manufacturers are right. It’s the women who […]

What are two early signs of pregnancy?

You may wonder what are the early signs of pregnancy and have even heard a family member describe their first signs of pregnancy. Thought the indicators may vary from woman to woman there are two main signs that are common in most women. If you thought that belly pop was one you may be wrong […]