How come I have a positive pregnancy test and bleeding?

How come I have a positive pregnancy test and bleeding? Is this possible in the first place? Does it mean I’ll lose my baby? Oh my!

These are some of the questions pregnant women ask when they have a positive pregnancy test and then bleeding starts a day or two later. There is no need to panic. 50% of pregnant women report bleeding all the time. From the statistics, we can say, though not a medical fact, that nothing is wrong really.

When pregnant women start bleeding, they confuse it with periods. At all costs, this is not true. There is no way you can be pregnant and have a period at the same time. It’s logic. By looking at the definitions of each, you agree with me that they cannot happen at the same time. It’s either one or the other! In the case, an abnormality happens, and you start menstruating while pregnant, chances are you’ll have a miscarriage. A miscarriage tests positive on a pregnancy test and thus you may have a positive pregnancy test and bleeding.

There are two types of bleeding that happens, and most women think they are menstruating. We have already learned that this is not possible. Let’s learn more by studying these types of bleeding…

Implantation bleeding

It takes place when the fertilized egg (embryo) is attaching itself to the uterus wall. Normally, it happens five days after conception. It is easily noticeable, and most women experiencing it think it’s menstruation. The women who experience irregular periods may be confused more than those whose periods are regular. This is because they will have difficulties when establishing the date of their last menstrual period. Another reason is that this bleeding happens at the time when they should be experiencing menstrual periods.

When implantation bleeding happens, it is usually not more than a few spotting. Sometimes, it appears as pink-red colored mucus. However, though, in very few cases, more bleeding may follow.

In case, more bleeding, follows, seek immediate medical advice. You may be having a miscarriage. One of the symptoms of a miscarriage is excessive bleeding which soaks a sanitary pad in less than an hour. Let’s hope this is not the case, and hold on to “you’ll have your baby soon!”

Vaginal bleeding

When this happens, you’ll often see brown blood. The amount is small, and the fact that it’s brown in color means it’s old. It happens when the fertilized egg (embryo) implants on the uterus wall. This normally happens 7-10 after ovulation, and this is the time you would have a menstrual period in normal times. In other cases, you may experience vaginal bleeding after sex. This is no more than as a result of very soft tissues in your cervix. It’s scary to see blood, but take heart. I have explained what is happening.

If you are not having cramps, relax too. Bleeding followed by cramping is one of the symptoms of a miscarriage. So, the next time you have a positive pregnancy test and bleeding, relax! However, talk to your doctor and let her/him monitor the situation.

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