What are two early signs of pregnancy?

You may wonder what are the early signs of pregnancy and have even heard a family member describe their first signs of pregnancy. Thought the indicators may vary from woman to woman there are two main signs that are common in most women. If you thought that belly pop was one you may be wrong cause usually the belly pop does not occur before 14-15 weeks, but at that point it will not only be obvious to you but to your friends and family. You may not be able to hide it any more at that point. But long before that there are several reliable indicators you can use to judge whether you may be pregnant.

Two common early signs of pregnancy are as follows

1) Last Menstrual Period(LMP)

The first and most important one is the LMP which stands for Last Menstrual Period. If you have missed a period you may be wondering if you are pregnant. Most women on average their period cycle runs around ever 28 days.This is purely a numerical assessment based on your calculated days of your last period, however there are things you can feel which can  highlight if your are pregnant.

The reason for this is the fertilized egg has tried to embed itself into the wall of the uterus and that’s where its going to station itself and set up a home, create a placenta in order to get its nutrition from the mom. One of the way it achieves this is by releasing a chemical messenger called BHCG. This chemical usually tells the lining of the uterus and moms tissues and body to prepare itself for a baby.

This surge in HCG level is what is used for testing in home pregnancy tests.But your body will also be aware of the HCG because it also passes through the blood stream hence the reason for your doctor sending you to do a pregnancy blood test to confirm pregnancy. If the HCG reaches the brain, it can cause mood swings, tiredness and sensation of nausea and vomiting.

This sensation of nausea and vomiting is typically the worst for the first trimester (first 12 weeks of pregnancy) although there are rear instances during pregnancy (nine months due) where this feeling can during the duration of the pregnancy.

The BHCG levels are the highest in the first trimester primarily to aid the fertilized egg to get Later on as the egg turns into a little fetus it drops the production of the HCG and starts peaking in order hormone such as progesterone.

2) Fuller pelvic areas

Other symptoms besides nausea and vomiting because of the response of the hormones in the pelvic tissues you may feel a bit fuller in those areas even though you may not see a belly pop that early. One important message to take away if you take a pregnancy test is if you do the first test too early say within the first seven days of pregnancy it may show a negative pregnancy test. We would suggest taking a pregnancy test on or after your expected due date as well as to follow up with your doctor form confirmation about your pregnancy status.

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