What can cause a false negative pregnancy test?

You’re probably wondering why you are getting false pregnancy tests, and you have all the symptoms of a pregnant woman. Your breasts are swollen, and you’ve funny food cravings. You’re sure that you’re pregnant. You walk into a chemist or a supermarket and buy a pregnancy test. Immediately you reach home, you take the first pregnancy test and then get a false negative pregnancy test.

After taking a deep look at your body and recent behaviors, you conclude that all the pregnancy symptoms are there. The next day, you walk into another chemist and get a new pregnancy test.

Your repeat pregnancy test gives you another false negative pregnancy test. Questions run through your head, and you seem to get no answers. In this post, I’ll give you the answers you’re looking for.

I’ll show you what you’re doing wrong and why you keep getting false negative pregnancy tests. I’ll go straight to the point and save time so that you can reflect on the points and look back at how you did your pregnancy tests.

Possible reasons why you are getting a False Negative Pregnancy Test

1) You’re not using the right time urine to take the pregnancy test

A pregnancy test needs to detect hCG hormones to prove you’re pregnant. It does not work well when you use day urine because it’s dilute. Your day urine is very dilute because you’ve probably taken a lot of water and thus the concentration of hCG hormones goes down to undetectable levels. Use the first morning urine. It has the highest hCG concentration you’ll not get false negative pregnancy tests again.

2) You’re buying low sensitivity pregnancy tests

If you’re buying low sensitivity pregnancy tests and the hCG count in your urine is still very low, you’ll keep getting false negative pregnancy tests. If you buy a pregnancy test calibrated to detect pregnancy at 100mIU/ml hCG and the amount in your body is 20mIU/ml, your pregnancy will not be detected.

3) You’re missing the reaction time

The pregnancy test manufacturer has recommended the exact time after which you should check the results. If you fail to check the results at the expected time (usually 3-5 minutes), you’ll keep getting false negative pregnancy tests no matter the number of times you do a pregnancy test.

4) You’re not following the pregnancy test instructions

Instructions are very valuable. This is one test that you should not fail to observe the instructions. The steps are inter-related. For example, if you fail to dip the absorbent tip in the urine for the recommended time, your next step of checking the results will be wrong because the test strip will not have the enough urine to give accurate results.

5) You’re not giving your pregnancy time to grow a bit

During the early stages of pregnancy, the placenta produces very little hCG that is sometimes not detectable by the pregnancy tests. After two weeks of pregnancy, the hCG amounts double or triple depending on your body. If you keep on doing the pregnancy test and you have very low count of hCG, you’ll always get false negative pregnancy tests. It’s time to meditate on the above points and reflect on why you keep getting false negative pregnancy tests.

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